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Getting Shrinkable Tabs with Epiphany

One of my grudge against Epiphany is that its tabs goes off-screen when I open lots of tabs and I need to scroll through the tabs to find the tab I wish to switch to. This gets really annoying when I have like a dozen or more of opened tabs. Googling around, and I was pointed to this epiphany extension from Epiphany 3rd Party Extensions page : Only One Close Button . From the description: Only One Close Button Author: Stefan Stuhr This extension has several purposes. The first is to get rid of the close buttons on all tabs. The second is to make the tab width more flexible; instead of a fixed width they will scale, so that there will first be overflow with many tabs open. The third is to make a close button available as a toolbar button. The name might not tell me that is what I want, but the description do. So, I grabbed it, and here goes: The close button had to be added manually using "Customize Toolbar", and because the Extension purpose is to make theres Only One Close

Shakugan No Shana Season 1 : @ NTV7!?

Looks like NTV7 just started showing one of my all time favourite anime! .. Shakugan No Shana !!!!. I noticed it just now, when they air the first episode. And guess what, it remains in Japanese, which ROCKS!! So, Saturdays: 12:30pm, Malaysian anime lovers get the chance to see Shana in action, on Malaysian TV!. I have the whole 2 seasons (season 2 just ended a few weeks ago) in my anime collection, but I guess I'll still watch the TV version (although, undoubtedly, it might have some parts cut). First Trinity Blood , then Jigoku Shoujo , and now , SHANA!!!!!!. And all of them broadcasted in the original Japanese language, which preserve the beauty of the original seiyuu, the sound effects, and most important, the moe -ness!!. Go NTV7!!!!

A little hack to get a working Skype RPM with less painful PulseAudio support

This is almost a very old news I presume, nonetheless, I just noticed it today while wasting my time jumping to random Open Source project sites. It is well known that skype and pulseaudio doesn't play well together. Skype's ALSA implementation doesn't really implement all of the standard ALSA API which caused alsa-plugins-pulse to not work with skype. Fortunately, as stated in PulseAudio Perfect Setup page, the skype static OSS ( Open Sound System - another sound standard, different than ALSA ) package can be used to work around this issue through padsp. However, the skype_static-oss package come in a tarball, of which, is ugly/inconvenient to certain people (like me). So, I've hacked together a spec to repackage that binary blob and make Skype almost JustWorks for Fedora. I don't know what Skype's regulation for redistribution of their binaries, so, to be safe, I can only provide you the RPM spec file. Here is the spec file : skype_static-oss.spec . Jus

Separate taskbar / window list on dualhead GNOME

I noticed this just now when playing around with the panel on my dualscreen setup. If both screens have a panel with window list on it, the window list will only show the windows of the screen where it resides. Cool feature.

Workspace Upgraded!

First up in this post. Workspace v0.1. This was my workspace since I started my internship with Inigo . Small, compact, with only my 1024x768 resolution of my loyal companion Thinkpad R51. After 4 months with Inigo, 1024x768 started to feel too small to work with. So, on the last PIKOM PC Fair, I decided to grab one external monitor to plug to this laptop for extra screen real-estate. Kaeru recommended me to grab one very big screen - 22inch - and I went for it. Lucky for me, Dell was having a promotion for their E228WFP Entry Level monitor. For only 849 MYR (approx 265 USD), I'll get a 22inch TFT monitor with 5 years warranty. Tempted, I bought it. Its not cash-n-carry, so I had to wait a week for the monitor. A week after The monitor arrived!!! Setting up for dual display is a little bit tricky with my laptop's i855gm. First, Xrandr couldnt detect all of the resolutions of my 22inch screen. After some tweaking with Xorg.conf and guessing config entries, I got it working at l

Me! Me!!!

A Meme happening at Planet Fedora . I'm hopping in too~!. [izhar@hikari ~]$ history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head 179 vi 112 python 96 cd 82 ls 37 rpmbuild 27 su 27 locate 23 ssh 23 rpmlint 22 diff I use vim and python more than cd and ls ?? Thats unexpected.

12 YUM Tips and Tricks

YUM Update Manager is the default package manager used in Fedora and Fedora derivatives. It is written in Python and have tonnes of features which average Joe might not know about. These additional features helps a lot on maintaining your system, improving your experience using the package manager and become more productive. Granted, yum depsolving and querying is quite slow compared with APT, but the flexibility and power yum grant to its users, its worth it. To my comrade, Surface , here, as you requested. Tips 1: Fastest Mirror This is usually the very first yum plugin I install in a new Fedora deployment. What does it do?, well, the name tell it all. The plugin will time all the servers in the replied mirrorlist from , and pick the one which is the fastest for you. Everything is done automagically, and considering its a YumCore class of plugin, it works with whatever GUI you use for yum. To install this plugin, use yum install yum-fastestmirror Unl