Hooray to Fedora 9!

Paul W. Frields, the Fedora Project leader's words on Fedora 9 release:

LiveUSB, PackageKit, PolicyKit, FreeIPA, easy partition resizing, one-click encryption, RandR support and a faster X, TeXLive, Firefox 3, GVFS, ext4, GCC 4.3, and so much more.... There are far too many improvements to list them all, but certainly even to the naked eye there are worlds of difference between our present and our past -- and the change is overwhelmingly for the better! Go check out the full list at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/9/FeatureList on the wiki.

All of this work is done with our constant, unwavering commitment to upstream -- making sure that the Fedora Project always donates back to the source from which we draw. When we find opportunities for improvement, we share that with our upstream contributors to make sure that all open source participants benefit.

By being good citizens of the free and open source software community, we ensure the health and progression of thousands of projects that make the Fedora distribution a vehicle for advancing freedom. You can read more about this philosophy at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/WhyUpstream on the Fedora wiki.

And always, we continue to use our own work for everything we do. We push the improvements and results out as 100% free and open source, available for everyone to use, poke, prod, and build upon.

That's why Fedora is so much more than a Linux distribution. It's a mindset -- "Doing The Right Thing," as we like to say. Giving credit where credit is due, and working hand-in-hand with others, but not being afraid to stand apart when doing otherwise means sacrificing hard-won ground.

But most importantly, Fedora is a community, where people come together for a common good -- making it possible for every human being, everywhere to have the same access to information, communication, standards, and knowledge.

A great speech indeed. Hooray to Fedora9!! Kudos to all Fedora contributors!! To rawhide addicts, Fedora 10 rawhide will be branched soon!.

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