Instant noodles + Miso + some stuff from freezer = yum3

Something off-topic once a while.

Went experimenting with the microwave oven just now, wondering if I can make something more tasty than a plain instant noodle. Went through the freezer and thrown in some stuff, and it turned out great!.

Maybe someone want to try it out, here's the recipe.

1 packet Instant Noodle (curry flavour)
1 frozen crab stick
some frozen vegetables (just pick how much u like, I simply grab once and throw)
some miso paste (2 tablespoon or so)
some margarine (1/2 teaspoon or so)

Boil water and put it into a microwave safe bowl. Take out the frozen stuff from the freezer, wash it and throw them into the hot water. Throw in the miso paste and margarine too. Open up the instant noodle, and put the soup stock into the bowl.

Put the bowl into the microwave oven, and heat it up until its boiling for 30seconds or so. Stir. Put in the noodle, restart microwave for 2 minutes. Eat :P.

The miso paste gave some nice texture and improved the taste of the soup. The margarine for some oily taste. The vege and crab stick are simply some garnish.

Off to enjoy da late-night menu~ :D~ :D~


Anonymous said…
i should try this
<~!@#> said…
sounds weird and unhealthy..

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