Is this why APT depsolve/search is fast?

On a blog post about libBCD dependency resolution algorithm test (which Yum/APT fails, and zypper scores):

Debian’s apt-get won’t succeed here, because AFAIK Debian only has dependencies across packages, not on libraries. Actually I still wonder how smart could succeed here using a debian backend. I ignore if apt-rpm does support library dependencies.

While I can't verify this (not that familiar with the deb packaging), but if that is really true, it more or less explains why apt is faster than yum - they dont have much stuff to consider and process in the metadata. Yum+RPM can do dep check by libraries, files, executables, perl modules, and some other modules, which makes the metadata large, and depsolve requires more stuff to consider. So, APT-deb users, stop complaining YUM is slow (/me stares at ubuntu zombies) :P

Do tell me if that is wrong :)

On another note, Yaakov M. Nemoy wrote a very good post about why its not good to standardize to only 1 packaging system and package format across distributions.


Unknown said…
Yep, it's true.
Anonymous said…
It's part of why Yum can handle 32/64 libraries and Debian still is one or the other
Kevin Kofler said…
No, APT-RPM handles soname and file dependencies just fine. It's only dpkg (and thus Debian's apt) which doesn't support them, but APT-RPM does, it wouldn't be of much use in the RPM world otherwise!
duncan said…
While is true the dependency resolution in the dpkg world is much simpler, I don't think it is a valid reason to be slow.

If things are done right speed is not much different even if you take libraries into account.

Now, YUM also seems to solve every file in the file list too.

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