Firstname Lastname dilemma

I've been quite annoyed with the naming system Malaysian Malay use..

In our culture, normally, people doesnt use "FirstName LastName" system, but "GivenName FatherName" instead. Ok, for local use, its not much a problem as people here understand the system. But when it come to dealing with international softwares/people, it got tricky, and sometimes, frustating.

For quite a number of people, "GivenName FatherName" system doesn't hurt them much because their parent only give them 1 word name, and the father only have 1 word name. So they just assume GivenName as FirstName and FatherName as LastName. But, the system also allows the use of very long names that make it hard to differentiate which is which, and I am one of those with such names.

"Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail" - heh, try finding which name to call me from that name (I'm assuming you are not Malaysian) - I'm pretty sure most will just call me "Mohd".

I personally adopt "Izhar Firdaus" when dealing with international stuff. However, sometimes, on certain automated system, I got really annoyed and confused. (eg: gramps)


ĸεиلı said…
Count yourself lucky. That's not the case for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and many other Asian people.

My name is spelt 'See Guo Lin'. 'See' is my surname, while 'Guo Lin' is personal name. Putting in a Western name context, 'See' is my last name, 'Guo' is my first name, and 'Lin' is my middle name. The first word in my name as my last name, the middle as my first name, and the last as my middle name. Confusing, huh? Putting them together, my name in the Western form is 'Guo Lin See'. And for Westerners, middle names can often be omitted, which results in 'Guo L. See' or 'Guo See' as my name.

In the context of my name, separating 'Guo' and 'Lin' is comparable to separating Jeremy into 'Jer' and 'Emy', or Nicholas into 'Nic' and 'Cholas'. The resulting names maybe acceptable by some, but not in my case. I think calling me only 'Guo' or 'Lin' not only sounds awful, but it also loses the meaning behind my name. =(

I remember in Facebook, I put my first name as 'Guo', middle name as 'Lin', and last name as 'See'. Facebook displayed my name as 'Guo Lin See', 'Guo L. See', 'Guo See', 'Guo' depending on the context. All three of them don't make sense to me. After several changes, I finally resorted in putting 'Guo Lin' as my first name, and 'See' as my last name. Facebook displays my name as 'Guo Lin See' or 'Guo Lin'. Although 'Guo Lin See' is not exactly in correct sequence, this way of defining my names is the best possible resolution I can come out with in order to make 'Guo Lin' appear as a single entity that is not separated, while preserving the surname in the last name field.

Sigh~` They could have made it possible for us to configure the way and the sequence we present our names.
Unknown said…
At least you system is still in the Surname GivenName pattern .. thus making it easier to map FirstName:GivenName LastName:SurName ..

for us who doesnt have any pattern that can be mapped easily to FirstName LastName .. well .. were basically out of luck .. the only choice .. is to change the name to another name that match the pattern , either by removing words from name .. or rearrange the words .. even if it means changing the name altogether ..

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