Getting around slow Firefox3 URL/Address Bar

Firefox3 introduced a cool address bar improvement. However, its running way too slow on my machine, and sometimes locks down firefox.

Here's a little workaround for it:

In about:config page, change these keys:

browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped = True
browser.urlbar.matchBehaviour = 2
browser.urlbar.maxRichResults = (max results, put between 2-5) = (search timeout, put something lower than 100, depending on ur needs)

This little tweak did the job just-right for me.

Recommended reading: A little bit googling for "Firefox 3 addressbar tweak" lead me to this one nice article: CyberNotes: Understanding & Tweaking the Firefox 3 Address Bar.


Afrezal Karim said…
nice blog.Informative.Keep it up
Unknown said…
Thank you! It's very helpful!
Anonymous said…
Thanks! This did it for me! (matchOnlyTyped did NOT do it; I did not need to change matchBehavior at all.)
Kc said…
Thanks, my navigation bar is finally responding in a timely manner!

this fix is still working for
Firefox version 3.5.30729
but there was no browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped in the list.

thanx very much.
wolle pelz said…
Thank you very much! Firefox was driving me crazy with that slow url bar.

Now everything's fine. You saved a lot of time for me!

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