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Desktop refresh

For some reason I feel like changing my desktop appearance and layout. Wallpaper is Crunchy Branch . I've been looking for documentation of the desktop slideshow xml to change the background color (the image is a transparent SVG), but hit a brick wall. Lets see if I can get used with this panel setup after being with the GNOME dual panel setup for years.

Fedora 11 : Leonidas + Webcomic!!!!!!!

And its official!!!, Fedora 11 name has been decided !!!!!!!!. and its Leonidas!!!!!!!! Got hit with a rare inspiration moment, fired up inkscape, and took Nicu's Webcomic SVGs - and created my first webcomic!!!!!!!! We are FEDORAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! (ok, i got exclamation mark frenzy) Credits to Nicu for the WebComic SVGs.

Zekr packages for Fedora

A little introduction about Zekr: Zekr is an Open Source Quran study tool. This project is planned to be a universal, Open Source, and cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to the holy Quran. The main idea is to build an as generic as possible platform to accept different Quranic resources. Site: Interested? .. the packages are here : After version 0.6, there are no more RPM packages provided by upstream. So, I've packaged the latest Zekr to fill in this gap. The ideal goal would be to make it in Fedora main repositories, but the licenses might be some problem. Zekr itself is licensed under GPLv2+, however, the Quran text files are licensed under CC-ND, a swf based player (used by zekr to play recitation) is CC-NC-ND, and Quran Roots/Stems List are licensed under a redistributable, no-derivative, with additional restrictions license. I am not 100% sure whether those data can be included in Fedor

Google Gadgets on Fedora

Randomly searching the 13000++ package list once a while really led me to some interesting discoveries: Google Gadgets is in the Fedora repos!! Just install google-gadgets-gtk for GNOME users, or google-gadgets-qt for KDE users

Viewing Xorg memory consumption : xrestop

For some reason Xorg on my desktop was using around 1400MB virt memory after 14 days uptime. (really, it filled up all my RAM and swap). Asked at #fedora, and ivazquez mentioned xrestop . And so I installed it, ran it, and walla, the culprit was gnome-screensaver with 999MB RAM consumption (wtf!?!). Killed it, and the RAM/Swap usage drop from 99%/99% to 44%/0%. Yay!.

QGTKStyle : Make QT apps uses your GTK style

I'm a GNOME user (was a KDE user 4 years ago), but sometimes I had to use QT apps on GNOME. QT styles/widgets, ever since from QT3/KDE3, for some reasons, always a pain to my eyes (too shiny I guess). Quite some time ago, I heard about a project started to provide the reverse of gtk-qt-engine , which to make QT apps, uses GTK styles. The project is called, QGTKStyle . But that time, it was in infant stage, so I didn't get to run it. Last night, while browsing the package list, I just noticed qgtkstyle in Fedora repo (dont know how long its been there, but anyway, YAY!!), installed it, and heres the result: Before: After: Heres a guide on how to do it on Fedora 10: Install the required stuff: qgtkstyle and kdebase-workspace (you'll need this to configure KDE4 apps to use GTK style.) After installation, launch /usr/bin/systemsettings . At the appearance page, change style to GTK. Done. :D ( Edit: you may want to adjust the font settings and the mouse cursor se

Happy New Year 2009 . 明けましておめでとう

Happy New Year 2009 To Everyone!! I think the best thing I got for this new year is the post number #3078, #3079 and #3080 at Aya Hirano blog . (thanks meng for notifying me bout this) 可愛い!!!!!! !!キーーーーーーーー^0^ーーーーーータ!!キタ!! Heavy MOE and KAWAII bombing from Aya Hirano - sama !!!!! KIIIITAAAAキッタ!!! あああああああああああっ!!!! Looking at her latest blog post, apparently she's still out of Japan at this moment, probably still around in Malaysia!!!. This is one of the rare time I wish I have a transport to for hunting^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hstrolling. But as usual, I'm stuck at home (partly myself to blame, I can't leave this laptop .. lol ). ( Edit: Post #3089 : She's already in .JP >.< ) Hope Aya-chan having an enjoyable time in .MY. あやちゃん、マレーシャでお楽しもうね。明けましておめでとう!!!! (for those who doesn't know who is Aya Hirano, she's my #1 favourite seiyuu and singer. Wikipedia .)