Zekr packages for Fedora

A little introduction about Zekr:

Zekr is an Open Source Quran study tool. This project is planned to be a universal, Open Source, and cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to the holy Quran. The main idea is to build an as generic as possible platform to accept different Quranic resources. Site: http://zekr.org/

Interested? .. the packages are here : http://izhar.fedorapeople.org/zekr/

After version 0.6, there are no more RPM packages provided by upstream. So, I've packaged the latest Zekr to fill in this gap. The ideal goal would be to make it in Fedora main repositories, but the licenses might be some problem.

Zekr itself is licensed under GPLv2+, however, the Quran text files are licensed under CC-ND, a swf based player (used by zekr to play recitation) is CC-NC-ND, and Quran Roots/Stems List are licensed under a redistributable, no-derivative, with additional restrictions license.

I am not 100% sure whether those data can be included in Fedora with such licenses. So, I've patched the code so that the data can be installed in home directory and separated those stuff in a tarball which will be later automatically grabbed by AutoDownloader (similar to how GnomeSword / Sword Bible Research Tool in the Fedora repositories handle their data files). Also separated into the data tarball are metadata that links to external sites to stream Quran recitation mainly because the external sites are generally using MP3 audio (yep, its a taboo).

Included together in the data tarball is the now public domain Yusof Ali's interpretation/translation of the Quran. For additional Quran interpretation files in various of other languages, grab them from zekr extensions page.

Additional Note:

  • To enable the audio player, you will need a flash plugin that supports MP3 decoding.
  • The RPM contains a bundled together jakarta-commons-configuration JAR because it does not exists in Fedora repositories yet. The SpaceWalk guys seems like working on this, (ref : https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/wiki/GettingPackagesIntoFedora ), looks like they have some issue they want to fix first, but I'm not sure the progress
  • If theres a bug with the homedir patch, the launcher, or the autodl configuration, do inform me


Anonymous said…
I believe we forbid the inclusion of religious items in Fedora. We already don't allow flag graphics for political reasons I would think the same line of reasoning would be applied to religious items.
Unknown said…
gnomesword and related packages are in Fedora .. and been there for quite some time ..

I believe the forbidden are the texts, the code, as long is its GPL, should be allowed
Unknown said…
gnomesword / sword = bible
Anonymous said…
Jazaak Allaahu khayran for preparing this package. I'm looking forward to testing it! If hosting is needed for non-proprietary recitation files, I'm willing to do so - I already have a plethora of them on hidayahonline.org (technically on audioislam.com now).

Seems everytime you package an Islamic product, someone has to point out religious items aren't or shouldn't be allowed, and you always have to point out they have been for a while.

By the way, I'm in Malaysia now - KT to be precise.
tajidinabd said…
Salaam Alakium brother I just finished doing the itools package for Fc13 and higher. I really would like to build Zekr in regards to getting it into Fedora. Allah Alim. Do you have any spec files for all the components. The reason it will be tricky to include is due to the mp3 files if they were ogg it be fine. Also if flash is needed that will be tricky. They must meet the right licenses to make it to Fedora. Now you could put in RPM Fusion. So i hope to hear from you soon
Unknown said…
Salam all..

A little update

Updated : zekr-vendor-1.0.0-1.fc13.src.rpm

thats a vendor package src rpm, which just does just a little bit more after simply extracting it into /opt/zekr which is to add a proper launcher and system menu ..

I gave up creating a proper package for fedora quite a while ago due to its quite a lot of work to get the missing java dependencies into fedora .. thus, i'm just creating a vendor rpm ...

build it using rpmbuild --rebuild zekr-vendor-1.0.0-1.fc13.src.rpm
Unknown said…
zekr have been submitted to rpmfusion based on the work you have done :


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