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An update on the ***OSCon name issue

Ok, I've been poking around a lot lately :P So an update on the trademark stuff in my previous post So, I've got some clarification from the person in charge in the ***OSCon. Here's a snippet of the mail. We are talking to O'Rilley for the use of OSCON, if they said no ahead, it will be OSCON, else we will use Conference. OSDC will not appear as we have drafted - we have initiated and in the process of formalizing chapter - something that OSDC Club has agreed and excited about. So, if they are going to properly protect the identity of the trademark, great!. Lets hope all the docs/webpages out there are properly updated soon. From the email it looks like they are also another process of creating an Malaysia Open Source Developer Club for a different, post-event purpose. Great then :D. Looking forward for more good news to tell, and bad stuff to attack. :P

A positive pessimist

Something away from the usual geek stuff. Let have some philosophy/psychology stuff once a while. (which is one of my less shared stuff which I usually keep to myself). I'm quite a fan of concepts where both light (good/positive) and darkness (bad/negative/evil) are depending in each other and the existence both create a balance in this universe. I also a fan of the concept "In light there is darkness, and in darkness there is light". In and Yo ( Yin and Yang ) kindof stuff. A positive pessimist. So, what is a positive pessimist?. Here's my definition of it. Btw this is my personal definition, it might or might not be same as the common definition. In Positive thinking, an individual set his mind to believe a goal can be reached. The opposite of Positive thinking is Negative thinking where the individual sets his mind that a goal cannot be reached. Another side of Positive/Negative thinking is Optimist/Pessimist thinking. Optimistic thinking is where and

Some trademark lesson to a particular group of people

Update : the organizer have clarified the issue . So they will not use OSDC as the track name. They are also in another process of creating an Open Source Developer Club for a different, post-event purpose. The track placeholders will be renamed to other name. All in all, great!!. IANAL A trademark or trade mark, identified by the symbols ™ (not yet registered) and ® (registered), is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, organization or other legal entity to identify that the products and/or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source of origin, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities. OSCon is basically a trademark of O'Reilly OSCon, is a trademark of Events Sdn Bhd, and OSDC is a trademark of OSDC Australia. All three of the marks, are identities of 3 different full blown conference. Of which OSDC and are community-m

Hack In The Box Dubai 2009

The press release is out!! GCC's premier computer security event coming to Dubai for third time Leading network security specialists from around the world will be in Dubai next month for the third Hack in The Box Security Conference to take place in the GCC. HITBSecConf2009 - Dubai, will be held between the 20th and 23rd of April at the Sheraton Dubai Creek in the heart of downtown Dubai. The 4-day event will kick off with 2 days of hands on technical training sessions covering a range of topics including Web Application Attack and Defense, 802.11 Ninjitsu and The Exploit Laboratory 3.0 - an intensive hands-on course for those wishing to dive into vulnerability analysis and exploit writing. The conference which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of April will be run in a dual track format and features two keynote sessions. Mr. Philippe Langois, advisor to Netvibes and a Global partner at Telecom Security Task Force, will deliver the keynot

Buildout.cfg for ZopeSkel

A little trick to install paster away from your system python. [buildout] parts = zopeskel download-cache = downloads download-directory = ${buildout:download-cache} install-from-cache=false [zopeskel] recipe = zc.recipe.egg eggs = ZopeSkel entry-points = paster=paste.script.command:run

Creating basic Zope2+Plone buildout on Fedora

I've wanted to post this a long time ago, but forgot. I don't really like to use paster as just installing paster for python2.4 introduce large number of external easy_install packages which are not maintained by RPM, and I dont like that as it feels intrusive. Furthermore, a minimal directory tree with just what needed to generate a buildout is more desirable as its easier to move around across distros and system and store in VCS rather than a big directory with files that hardcodes to system-specific paths generated from paster. So, this little guide will go through how to create plone buildout without using paster. Requirements: * install compat-python24-{setuptools,devel,imaging,elementtree} from rpmfusion * easy_install-2.4 zc.buildout Creating the Buildout Take the sample baseline config from the end of this post. Strip it down or add more stuff to it as you wish and put it in an empty folder. In this case, lets take for example ~/Devel/mybuildout/. So, the