A positive pessimist

Something away from the usual geek stuff. Let have some philosophy/psychology stuff once a while. (which is one of my less shared stuff which I usually keep to myself).

I'm quite a fan of concepts where both light (good/positive) and darkness (bad/negative/evil) are depending in each other and the existence both create a balance in this universe. I also a fan of the concept "In light there is darkness, and in darkness there is light". In and Yo (Yin and Yang) kindof stuff.

A positive pessimist.

So, what is a positive pessimist?. Here's my definition of it. Btw this is my personal definition, it might or might not be same as the common definition.

In Positive thinking, an individual set his mind to believe a goal can be reached. The opposite of Positive thinking is Negative thinking where the individual sets his mind that a goal cannot be reached.

Another side of Positive/Negative thinking is Optimist/Pessimist thinking.

Optimistic thinking is where and individual set his mind that nothing can go wrong when trying to reach a goal. And the opposite of Optimistic thinking is Pessimistic thinking where an individual set his mind that lots of stuff can go wrong when trying to reach a goal.


A positive pessimist is an individual who set his mind to believe a goal can be reached, however, in the same time, he set his mind to believe that a lot can go wrong in the process.

This thinking style, is defensive in nature. A person who follow this thinking style usually will react to almost anything that he thinks will stop him from reaching the goal. He will expect the worst will happen, and he will expect disasters. But instead of being stopped by the possibilities of disaster, he will keep thinking and taking action to reduce the disaster possibilities.

Unlike an optimist, he will keep on raising whatever he thinks will cause failure when trying to reach a goal. Unlike a negative thinker, he still think the goal can be reached.

He may to some extend view positive optimist thinkers as people who are stuck in an illusion paradise, and negative pessimists as people who are unable to reach any goals.

A positive pessimist manipulates anxiety, fear, and worries as weapons to reach the goals. He uses the negative emotions to draw more energy for himself towards reaching the goals.

Depending on what the level of pessimism he has, his actions might appear as negative thinking to some. However, it is his way of ensuring that proper defence is in place to stop disaster from happening as Murphy's law says that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, at the worst possible time, even if you have been prepared for it.

Are you a positive pessimist?


abdza said…
Oh YEAH!!!!
Wooo hoooo.. :D
Craig Price said…
I agree 100%. In fact I give workshops and keynotes on just that topic! People confuse fatalistic thinking (it's all bad, it will never work) with negative thinking (it could go bad, it may not workk). One allow nothing but bad things to happen, the other allows you to avoid or prepare for bad things allowing you to eventually succeed! http://www.speakercraigprice.com/negativity.htm
Tamar Chansky said…
This is the yin/yang where darkness leads to light and vice verse. What you have defined as a positive pessimist, is what I would call a safe optimist.

I wrote a piece about this on Huffington Post-- I called it Safe Optimism, but maybe I should have called it Positive Pessimism.


Tamar Chansky

I agree that positive and negative depends on ones norm and up bringing however for me if thinking is driven towards ones growth be personal, emotional, spiritual, financial and even social development it can be considered as a positive thought. Positive thinking has been used by many people especially those who used the law of attraction to achieve there desires.

positive attracts positive so when someone thinks positively it may manifest a positive outcome and it can enhance the effects of the law of attraction. so people must concern theirselves with positive thoughts all the time and only use negative thinking as a body's defense mechanism.
Unknown said…
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Kamran Shafi
I agree with your post and with kurt's comments as well. It's true that we consider negative and positive based on the norms we live in and a positive thought for me might be a negative thought for others. However, for you to attract abundance and live a life in bliss, you have to practice positive reaffirmations. If you feel that your thought is going negative then stop that thinking and rather look for ways to think of something positive.
What a great term and oxymoron. But its absolutely true.

No matter how much you believe you will do something, if you don't anticipate obstacles, the project is doomed.

I consider positive thinking a process. You can learn more in the article Power Positive Thinking.
Let me know what you think.
Marcus said…
This is not FANTASY! Although it does take imagination to truly find one's purpose.
"I'm quite a fan of concepts where both light (good/positive) and darkness (bad/negative/evil) are depending in each other and the existence both create a balance in this universe."

This is lovely, but is there really good & evil? You don't need to look further than the judicial system or casinos for the answer.

Shakespeare says "neither right nor wrong, but thinking makes it so" You can find more information in this regard here: http://lifetakingform.com.au or other sites on the net if you do a Google search.

Anyway,just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the blog. I'm going to have to bookmark it and check back later...
I guess there's really a big difference between negative and positive, however how you use these factions may lead to different results but I can still say that being positive always attract positive things as explained in the use of the law of attraction. Affirmations are done using positive thinking and therefore it is best to eliminate or minimize negative things in life.
I guess a positive pessimist is a great type of behavior because though you believe that you can achieve something, you are still facing the fact that things may go wrong. Some people thinks things will work out all the time without accepting the fact that there are uncontrollable things in life. In a positive pessimist, you can still act when things go wrong so you can correct it immediately because you anticipate that things may go wrong anytime.

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