"CSL G2" Android Phone ??? - New Toy in Town?

UPDATE: I have checked out this phone at a shop just recently, apparently, its only a UI imitation (which is not even close to the real thing, didnt see any tango icons). Guess I'll have to wait for LG or some company to release a low cost model, or until HTC reduce their pricing. (and note to anybody from CSL who might read this, Google Android is not just the UI .. its the WHOLE OS , and its Free/OpenSource, just grab it from http://source.android.com/)

CSL, a Malaysian phone brand looks like just had a new toy in town.

GEOGLE?? is that a typo or is that an immitation brand?

MYR 699 ~= USD 200.

Update: An anonymous commenter pointed to a page in CSL's own website regarding the phone. Price stated there is apparently cheaper, MYR499 ~= USD145

While the name is a straight copying of HTC Magic's original name, the product looks interesting. No info could be found at their website, probably they didn't realize where the people who looks for Android phones hang around at. Check it out here (page in Malay)

Perhaps this is the first arrival of affordable lines of Android phones.

Anybody know more info about it?



* Dual SIM support
* 240x400 resolution screen
* GSM 900/1800
* Size: 113x56x23mm
* Weight: 120g
* Standby time: 120hrs+
* On-Call time: 2.5hrs
* Camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth
* (optional) Islamic features : Al-Quran, Athan, Digital Compass

And the usual Android software features I guess


Anonymous said…
interesting. there appears some discrepancy in the advertised price.

it's RM499 here. http://www.cslcare.com/components/com_exposeprive/showpic.html?img=expose/img/alb_6/img_1252904001_904_lg.jpg&caption=49PG28&date=&location=
Unknown said…
Thanks for the link

Yeah, google search on it also pointed me to an ad in lelong.com.my with price stated as MYR460.

probably the shop where I found it marked up the price to take advantages while other dealers yet to promote it.
deloyang said…
beeeen looking for this phone for few weeks now but still cant find it anywhere... just wanna know wether its a true android phone or not and if it does.. i like to lay my hands on this piece..
Unknown said…

Picture above was taken at a phone shop in IOI Mall, Puchong. Ground floor, near KFC.

I doubt any company want to create an imitation of Android , as they can just grab the real deal for free.

p/s: if you buy it, do give your review. I gonna need a phone replacement soon too :P
deloyang said…
..i've laid my hand on this piece of.. went out n try it.. its not android at all.. just a slight 'android-ish' interface but totally as same as other CSL phone.. even the Google icon didn't exist inside it..

functions kinda crappy.. but what can u expect from phone priced around 450 - 500.. but it does have a kind of multimedia functions..

its a bit heavy compare to other phone.. with its steel + plastic finish (same as Nokia E71), u'll get so much fingerprint on it that even CSI team will get confused..

for those who looking for a 'real' android phone, CSL G2 is a No-No.. but for those who wants cheaper luxurious-looking phone (with its dual sim capability), do get this one.. compare to other 'china phone' CSL has given 15month waranty.. i shudnt have bought this phone, but i need a dual sim phone nonetheless..

15 month waranty
deloyang said…
dissapointed = yes (cos i tot its an android) and no (cos it still can be used..)

o i forgot to mention; u can still surf the internet (via WAP svc of course) with this phone.. just hv to get the settings from telco i gess.. haven't tried it myself but i'll info when i got one..
Unknown said…

what made you said its not android? no google services? (I heard some manufacturers doesnt include them, but the underlying OS is still android)

could you try installing android apps in it?.


I'm mainly interested with it as a development platform, but getting a MYR2k HTC Magic to do something that might break it would be a bit too much.
Unknown said…
theres 2 main distribution of android :

Android-GMS (Google Mobile Services) - with Gmail,Gmaps,etc

Android-OHD (Open Handset Distribution ) - without the Google stuff

Apparently, the HTC Magic in Malaysia is also using Android-OHD.

Unknown said…
oh ah .. theres no android market for OHD too,

need to grab on 3rd party android stores

probably this helps: http://www.handango.com/catalog/SoftwareCatalog.jsp?storeId=2218&deviceId=2147&platformId=80&categoryId=0&pagingSortBy=%2Bprice
deloyang said…
well, if u ever try other csl (or rather the chinese made phone) u can feel the similarity and the 'non-android' OS (if it can be called OS).. nonetheless i will try install something inside it and report to u later.. i might be late to reply though cos my broadband giving me the fingers (dammit!!) thanx for the link Kage.. u're d man..
deloyang said…
twhoa me!! 1st of all, i can't find any setting for USB connection, although they did supply a USB cable (i assume for charging and PC connection, if existed).. 2ndly, it won't connect or charge at all.. i assume there is something wrong with the USB cable since when i use the earphone (yes, 1 port for everything: charging, pc connection, earphone jack) it function pretty well (the earphone speaker is one crappy sh*t man.. come on CSL, why can't u supply us with better earphone quality instead of cheaper one with no bass sound at all?)

i've tested texting but its kinda difficult without stylus.. they did supply a 'stylus' but the pointing device is also crappy.. i can't point a letter without mistakingly touching the others cos the size of the stylus is like a cotton bud!! wtf..

first thing i gonna do this morning is to return this G2 to the seller, and if im lucky enuff i get a new one.. still like this phone though..

o by the way.. the only widget available is the 'analog clock'..
Anonymous said…
is there anyway to install the real google android os into this CSL G2 phone ??
Anonymous said…
i've bought this phone but unfortunately it only last 3 days before i send it to the service center for warranty due to touch screen failure & the warranty took 1 month till now & still i didn't get my phone back .. Don't Buy This piece of junk it's not worth it i bought it @ myr400 only

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