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Event Report : IIUM FOSSDay 2010

Event date: 19th Feb 2010
Location: International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

(I know, I tend to be lazy to write reports, anyway , here goes)

Back on 19th Feb 2010, Fedora-My was invited to IIUM FOSSDay 2010 to give some talks and to handle an installfest. Me (fas:izhar), and Snittit/Zul (fas:sniffit) , Rizal and Meng went there representing Fedora-My.

Sniffit handled the installfest, and I gave a talk based on Shakthimaan's I want 2 do project, tell me what 2 do slides and also a general FOSS talk which introduces what is Free Software and what is Open Source (slides)

Crowd for the talk was rather large, around 20-30 people, and for the installfest was, there was around 10-20 people , came and go. Bunch of Fedora 12 LiveCDs was given out to the crowd during the event, especially to the installfest attendees.

Besides us, the PCBSD-My group and OWASP-My group was there too, giving talks throughout the event. Overall it was a great, got to met some new faces in the local FOSS sc…