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HOWTO: Linux Container (LXC) on Fedora 12

Those who are familiar with BSD Jails or Solaris Zones might be quite familiar to the concept of OS-level virtualization . The Linux world have several options for this, such as the User Mode Linux (UML) , OpenVZ , Linux Vserver , and most recently, Linux Container (LXC) . Unlike the other alternatives, which requires specially patched kernels to run it, LXC got fully functional in the upstream kernel since 2.6.29, which is a plus as it made it easier to deploy it in many prexisting distros which ship 2.6.29, including Fedora - without messing around with the distro packages. In this HOWTO, I'll guide through the process of deploying your own LXC in Fedora 12, with NAT to libvirt's virbr0 Preparation yum install libvirt lxc (ping me if i forgot to add any packages) start libvirt so that virbr0 is configured /sbin/service libvirtd start mount control group in /cgroup echo "none /cgroup cgroup defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab mkdir /cgroup mount /cgroup

FOSS.Org.MY Meetup : March 2010

FOSS.Org.MY (formerly: MyOSS) Meetup is BACK!!!! with a new name, and a new format, and new timing!! We will be having Lightning Talk session after the speaker's talk, if you have anything to share, do contribute to the Lightning Talk. ================================================== Open Source Software in Digital Content Creation ================================================== A general overview of OSS used in Digital Content Creation industries with a focus in animation production from small personal projects to Hollywood production. ================== About the Speaker ================== Victor Yap helps companies build cost-efficient production workflow for 3D animation. His current project migrates open source solutions, with programs like Blender to a constantly developing 3D animation environment. Blender is a strong open source contender to mainstream programs such as Maya and Softimage. Armed with an Electronic Arts degree and deeply involved with Open Source

Wizardpen for F12

Updated the wizardpen RPM - added patch for Xorg 1.7 . (Yup, i'm 4 months late :P) Src.rpm here: wizardpen-0.7.0-2.fc12.src.rpm . It worked for me, but your mileage might vary.