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Pidgin and GNOME3

GNOME3 comes with Telepathy/Empathy integration. However, I'm mainly a Pidgin user because Telepathy/Empathy lacks of per-account proxy settings. I always force my IMs to go through a proxy in VPN regardless where I am, but not for other apps, so telepathy/empathy is out of the equation. Anyway , pidgin users who are like me, here is a little present for y'all. Pidgin GNOME3 Integration Extension Just copy the folder into your ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ and restart your gnome-shell. The extension utilize pidgin's dbus API, so it'll need pidgin to be running. I only did some rough test with it only on my Fedora 15 machine, but I believe it should work ok everywhere else. Now for me to get some sleep XD. Update : For some reason unknown to me, my git repos dissappeared from The code is now hosted here: . To install, create a pidgin@gnome-shell-exten

Few days with GNOME3

So I've been on GNOME3 for a few days now. Liking it a lot except for the minor annoyance I mentioned back in my previous post. I've got over the lack of blinking taskbar functionality as the new notification system works quite nice in filling that gap. However, I still feel the activity overview is an extra step too many to switch windows. Works nice during leisure, but a bit tiring during work. Dock When was looking through the gnome-shell-extensions git trying to understand how the gnome-shell javascript extension mechanism works, I found an extension called 'dock'. It basically brought the dash panel which appear at the left side of the activity overview to the desktop, so that its accessible outside of the overview screen. The behavior is pretty much similar to the dash panel, left click to focus on application, right click to view a popup menu which allow you to open new window or select other existing windows. It works quite ok to fill the gap the taskbar