diazotheme.bootstrap : Twitter Bootstrap based Diazo theme for Plone4.1+

I was introduced to twitter's bootstrap css toolkit quite a while ago, and loving it.

Naturally, I want to use this in Plone, so I went ahead and build a Diazo theme and transformation rules which utilizes it. The end product can be seen in  Inigo's updated website, and also Fedora Malaysia's site.

I've uploaded the code into github repository at https://github.com/kagesenshi/diazotheme.bootstrap, so feel free to fork it and use in your projects.

Some notes:
  • To enable the dropdown menu navigation, you'll need to have webcouturier.dropdownmenu installed.
  • The theme support 3 belowcontent portlet columns
  • The theme support 6 footer portlet columns, where the 6th column, is a bit smaller
Some future plans (if I find free time to add them):
  • Use bootstrap's tab system for the edit bar
  • Use html5slideshow for the presentation mode
  • Nicer folder_contents view
  • Nicer edit view
Update: rename to diazotheme.bootstrap, because I just realized that plonetheme.bootstrap name is already used.


Frank said…
Your diazo theme is excellent. However, I have problems with portlet Calendar (changing month/year). I tried change rules.xml with notheme if-path=refreshCalendar but I can solve problem.
P.S. I add notheme for source_editor.htm and ploneimage.htm

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