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Consolidated community site infrastructure on Plone

In Inigo , we believe in helping out local FOSS communities and help them grow. We help out in community events where we can, present FOSS talks, and provide some platforms for local communities to grow. One of such platform is our consolidated community site infrastructure on Plone . The system/infra and its components was originally developed for the Fedora Malaysia website, while keeping in mind to keep it generic enough so that other communities could use the same components for their own community sites. The infra is already at a usable state, and we can add new sites easily with just a few clicks. Features in this consolidated infra are: Document/Content management (Plone built-in) Calendar system (powered by solgema.fullcalendar addon) Conference/BarCamp system (powered by collective.conference addon, which was developed for FUDCon Kuala Lumpur 2012) Blog (powered by Products.Scrawl) Simple yet powerful theming engine (powered by Diazo) - Check out

FUDCon Kuala Lumpur 2012 Post-Conference Report

Fedora User Developer Conference (FUDCon) Kuala Lumpur 2012 - which I was the event owner - ended successfully on Sunday, 20th May 2012. With only around 3 months of planning (1 month for the bid, and 8 weeks for the organizing process), FUDCon Kuala Lumpur might have been one of the shortest FUDCon planning ever, if not the shortest!!. With roughly a total of 34 crew and volunteers, we managed to pull it off successfully. To some of the crews, our experience pulling off a crazy stunt of organizing FOSS.My 2008 in 30 days might have helped us in getting prepared for the worst. We were hit by the Murphy's Law several times before and during the conference, and one of it was Harish unfortunate tennis calf injury made him unable to come to FUDCon KL. This created a challenge for us in the monetary stuff related to on-site payments, but thanks to Harish's swift action sending us some cash through Western Union , we managed to cover a number of them. Pre-conference With