Consolidated community site infrastructure on Plone

In Inigo, we believe in helping out local FOSS communities and help them grow. We help out in community events where we can, present FOSS talks, and provide some platforms for local communities to grow. One of such platform is our consolidated community site infrastructure on Plone.

The system/infra and its components was originally developed for the Fedora Malaysia website, while keeping in mind to keep it generic enough so that other communities could use the same components for their own community sites. The infra is already at a usable state, and we can add new sites easily with just a few clicks.

Features in this consolidated infra are:
  • Document/Content management (Plone built-in)
  • Calendar system (powered by solgema.fullcalendar addon)
  • Conference/BarCamp system (powered by collective.conference addon, which was developed for FUDCon Kuala Lumpur 2012)
  • Blog (powered by Products.Scrawl)
  • Simple yet powerful theming engine (powered by Diazo) - Check out Diazo, you'll love it.  Don't worry, its not plone specific.
  • OpenID and OpenID Selector - we even have Fedora's OpenID as an option in the OpenID Selector
Currently we have several sites hosted in this consolidated infra which are:
Besides those listed above, we are also planning to move some of these sites (which are also already on our infrastructure, albeit using our old, non-consolidated infra) to the current infra:
2 local university FOSS group also recently expressed their interest to have their site in our current infra, which are NUMOSS and UCTI-FOSSSIG.


The code for this Plone buildout is here : . The buildout kindof a messy as it was hacked together at random times without spending much thinking. WARNING: lack of docs. If you need help, ping me :-)

Help Needed

Help needed to properly refactor some of the codes and make the infra more generic and reusable for everyone. I also need help in migrating some of the old infra sites to the current infra.

For those who are based in Malaysia, we will be having a hackathon after the Python Malaysia meetup this Saturday to migrate the Python Malaysia website to the new infra.

Main tasks:
  • Setup new site for pythonmy on the current infra
  • Write diazo theme transform rules for pythonmy site.
Secondary tasks:
  • Rename to a new buildout, with a more generic name
  • Get rid of dependencies from the buildout. should be outside of this shared infra as it introduced a number of external deps thats not relevant for other sites.
Do drop by at the upcoming Python Malaysia meetup which will be at MindValley, Bangsar. Check out this page for map and time : .


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