diazotheme.bootstrap 0.2 released

I have been using diazotheme.bootstrap for a number of community sites for quite a while now. It was originally developed around November last year with Bootstrap 1, and have gone through some updates and enhancements to Bootstrap 2 , but it only remains in its github repository, but never actually released properly.

Anyway~ ... after long due, diazotheme.bootstrap 0.2 is now released in PyPi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/diazotheme.bootstrap/0.2


Btw, should I fork this into collective github?


Anonymous said…
Nice! If you'd like to lower the barrier for other people to work on this package, then by all means fork it to the collective.
Unknown said…
Could you please show us sites you have done based on this theme ?
Unknown said…

ok then :)


check out:

- http://www.inigo-tech.com
- http://fedora.my
- http://campuscamp.org
- http://www.kagesenshi.org

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