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New Toy: Doppelganger 211 Folding Bicycle

So I just got myself a new toy : a Doppelganger 211 Folding Bicycle. I've been wanting to grab a folding bike ever since I got back from HackInTheBox Amsterdam a few years ago, but due to random stuff happening regularly, I've been delaying on the plan. This is my first personal bicycle since about 10 years ago, where previously during primary school and lower secondary school, bicycle was my primary vehicle. Why? Why am I buying a folding bike?. Especially when I already have a car?. No solid reason, but there are several reasons which made it a nice-to-have: I don't like driving for short distance, but walking consumes too much time. A bicycle is a nice middle point. I regularly switch between staying at office and home for a few days, so if I have a bicycle, I want it to not be confined in either of the 2 places, thus, the bicycle need to be able to be transportable in my car - therefore, it should be a folding bike. Sometimes when I need to travel, I k