Amano Hikaru - Thats me~!

While watching Death Note ep13 (thanks Animanda!) I realized that I can translate my name to Japanese name. Got the idea from Yagami Light's name. The word Light in his name is spelled as 月(Tsuki) but pronounced as "Light".

Feeling curious how my name will be in Japanese, I fired up Kiten and start hunting down words that can match with the meaning of my name.

Malays doesn't have first and last name system. We just use our given name followed by our father's name at the end as our full name. So, I decided to take out 2 words in my name and make it my first and last name :P

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail - I omitted my father's name and the first word of my name because both are names of ancient Phophets which doesn't have a direct literal meaning. That left me with Izhar Firdaus.

Firdaus - literally means Eden/Heaven. From what I already know from learning Japanese, Heaven's kanji is 天 (Ama). Make it a family name it became 天野 (Amano)

Izhar - literally means Bright/Clear. Using Kiten, I tried to find names that means bright/clear and I got a list of kanji that have similar meanings. Akira, Kazumi, Kira, Saya, Sayaka, Asu, are some of them. From the list I picked up Hikaru from the kanji 晃 (Akira/Hikaru/Aki). Reason?. Erm .. err ... 日+光=晃 Theres something in that combination that makes me like it. I simply don't know how to explain.

From Izhar Firdaus , I got 天野晃 (Amano Hikaru) for my name ... 嬉しい〜!

OpenSource apps surely have lots of fun use.


Charlz said…
this is way cool~ hehe

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