HOWTO: Extracting RPM from command line

Sometimes, admins might want to extract some files from a RPM file for some purposes. If on a system with GUI, this can be easily done using file-roller or some other GUI based archive manager that supports RPM/CPIO archives. RPMs are basically modified CPIO archives, so we use rpm2cpio and cpio command to extract files from it in a CLI environment.

List out contained files
rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -t

Extract all files
rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -id

Extract specific file
rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -id <file>
Note: extracting specific files requires you to put the full path of the file in the archive which you get from the cpio -t output.

You can read more about using cpio from the manpages and from this site


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