Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora | UiTM iHack 2007 Result

Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora Progress

compiz-bcop ( #247405 ) package passed review a around 2 weeks ago .. but i just noticed today that i need a sponsor to get that package into fedora .... err .... some help ??? .. i'm not familiar with the process..

compiz-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, libcompizconfig final RPMS are available in my fedorapeople space .. those rpms built nicely on mock and rpmlint at the src rpm is silent ..

UiTM iHack 2007 Result

Yay~ ... my team won 1st place in Forensic Challenge and 2nd place in Capture the Flag.

My university sent out 2 teams :
Pr0j3ct T4ng0 - My team
Fnord - The other team

Plus, one of our alumni joined as a private team with his friends from other Universities. Team name - Tang0

The game was fun .. though the prizes are not as tempting as last year's iHack competition .. (higher money .. but no gadgets .. perhaps next year iHack committee should find more sponsors .. and btw ... Norton AV is practically useless to us :P )

Several pics from the competition

Heck .. i'm really NOT photogenic ... T_T

UTP Foreva! .. Pr0j3ct T4ng0, Fnord, and Tang0 .. /me 5th from left

Forensics First Place Winner!!!

I was explaining answer of Forensic Challenge flag 6 to Team "UMS Hackers" after the competition

UiTM iHack 2007 Competitors!!

What do we get? .. RM1500 (approx USD431) for winning 1st place in Forensic Challenge. RM 1000 (approx USD287) for winning 2nd place in CtF. Hampers for both. Norton utilities (eek! .. its win32 app, practically useless ). and participation in HiTB SecConf 2007 KL Conference for 3 - for winning 2nd place in CtF (but i'm a volunteer in HiTB, so .. i passed my place to my friend)

Looking forward for iHack 2008 ... ^-^

Good luck to iHack 1st place winners, / Bandar Baru Bangi Open Source Software Group in the HackInTheBox CtF competition .. :D


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