Status of Compiz Fusion packages submission into Fedora

I noticed Adel Gaddlah ( drago01 ) have submitted several compiz-fusion packages for review in BZ. He already pushed compiz-bcop into rawhide and in the process of getting the fusion plugins reviewed

#253692 Review Request: compiz-fusion - Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
#253693 Review Request: compiz-fusion-extras - Additional Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz

With this semester seems like its gonna be a busy semester, guess I'll just leave the fedora submission & maintaining to him.. hope the packages will get into fedora before the feature freeze ..

On a sidenote .. i just noticed screenlets now have 0.0.10 release available .. and it now works with Fedora (the older release doesnt work because Fedora's DBUS version was too new for it). I'll package it when I have time.

I'm currently mirroring rawhide into my LAN server and planning to switch from F7 to rawhide when its done. Once compiz-fusion 0.5.2 gets it way into Fedora, i'll drop it from my repository and will start packaging compiz(-fusion) 0.6.0. Compiz 0.6.0 now requires XCB which, if i'm not mistaken, is not available for F7 and earlier.


Sérgio said…
Hey, There is another mirror to install compiz-fusion? The adress:
Dont work!
Unknown said…

The server is down currently, hardware broke down .. it should be back up tomorrow night or so ..

if you are in Fedora 8 , you can simply yum it from the official Fedora repo. The packages are all there.
Sérgio said…
Unfortunately I can´t unistall or update my fedora 7 to 8. I will wait until the server be available. Can you send me yours rpm packages to install it?

unfortunatley, me too, i can't update my f7 to f8. could you send me the packages ? or an url ?!

a question (may be stupid) : f8 compiz-fusion rpm can work on f7 ?!

Unknown said…
sorry for the long downtime

it should be back up now .. httpd crashed and no one noticed .. its a low-usage community server so nobody actually maintaining it fulltime ..

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