Fedora 11 : Leonidas + Webcomic!!!!!!!

And its official!!!, Fedora 11 name has been decided!!!!!!!!.

and its Leonidas!!!!!!!!

Got hit with a rare inspiration moment, fired up inkscape, and took Nicu's Webcomic SVGs - and created my first webcomic!!!!!!!!

We are FEDORAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

(ok, i got exclamation mark frenzy)

Credits to Nicu for the WebComic SVGs.


nicu said…
Good one!

You should change the copyright line at the bottom and use your own name as you are the author.
Rafael Gomes said…
Can you please give me the svg for this?

I am Fedora Ambassador from Brazil and I want translate this for portugueses.

I will follow your licence.


My email is rafaelgomes |nospam| projetofedora.org

Anonymous said…
nice name. Good one
Anonymous said…
that hilarious ~ hahahah

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