Desktop refresh

For some reason I feel like changing my desktop appearance and layout.

Wallpaper is Crunchy Branch. I've been looking for documentation of the desktop slideshow xml to change the background color (the image is a transparent SVG), but hit a brick wall.

Lets see if I can get used with this panel setup after being with the GNOME dual panel setup for years.


Anonymous said…
The documentation is in the code. As in not documented.

I made a patch which allows you to have an image superimposed over the backup images. You could use those to change the color but I far as I know, the only way to affect the bg color is using the gconf settings. It can't be done from the xml.

Oh, and the patch isn't included in gnome-desktop yet. I need to fix a few issues.

The patch has a bit more information about the xml format.

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