Steorn Orbo : Is the revolution near??

I'm quite a fan of science fictions, but when science fictions (might) become reality, it really intrigues me.

Around middle of last year, I went googling for Free Energy Researches simply out of interests. Then I found some news articles about this one company - Steorn about their accidental discovery of a mechanism to generate electricity from magnetic fields, with 200%++ efficiency (read: energy output more than 2 times of energy input).

The CEO seems serious about it, and same goes to his employees. On 2006, they posted a full page advertisement on The Economics, challenging scientists and engineers to come to verify their claim scientifically. On 2007, they wanted to demonstrate a perpetual motion machine in Museum Kinetica, but unfortunately, the device malfunctions (ain't Murphy's Law awesome?). And on 4 February they are back, more convinced than ever, with lots of confidence announced that they will release everything to the public for non-commercial purposes under a modified General Public License (Open Source meet physical science!!!) . They also released 2 devices to test magnetism properties.

This technology, called Orbo, from its functions, appear to break one of the fundamental law of physics , which is the conservation of energy. So, a large number of people are still sceptics until Steorn releases it to public.

For me, I love to keep an open mind in this. Afterall, a few hundreds years ago, everyone believe the earth is flat and at the center of the universe, a few decades ago, everyone believes light is straight (its curved, by gravity), so, it is possible, physics will revolutionized yet again.

Plus, which geek does not want a laptop that does not need charging?. Or a car that does not need refueling?. Or even better, a space travel transportation that does not worry about losing power in the vast nothingness of space?. And, they are clean and produce no direct pollution!.

I'll waits for more announcements from Steorn. Still a bit sceptical until I got access to the free knowledge base and learn about the mechanism. But what's wrong with hoping and letting imagination run wild??. And its going to be interesting when scientist, will need to rethink physics, as one of its fundamental concepts, got broken by a technology company.

First its Free Software, .. and possibly, next is Free Energy .. the future, might come sooner than we think..


Anonymous said…
"the device malfunctions (ain't Moore's Law awesome?)" -don't you mean Murphy?

...the revolution you talk about is indeed welcome, but I'll wait until the first recording of the 'free talks' at the Univerities leaks onto the internet...

The future will tell us if our hopes for free energy can materialize...
Unknown said…

eekk!! .. yeah .. i meant murphy's law .. arr .. got mixed up .. lol .. thanks for that

yeah .. I'll be waiting for the free talks and the free non-commercial disclosure too .. until then .. I'm still a bit sceptical, yet having hope ..

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