"CSL G2" Android Phone ??? - New Toy in Town?

UPDATE: I have checked out this phone at a shop just recently, apparently, its only a UI imitation (which is not even close to the real thing, didnt see any tango icons). Guess I'll have to wait for LG or some company to release a low cost model, or until HTC reduce their pricing. (and note to anybody from CSL who might read this, Google Android is not just the UI .. its the WHOLE OS , and its Free/OpenSource, just grab it from http://source.android.com/)

CSL, a Malaysian phone brand looks like just had a new toy in town.

GEOGLE?? is that a typo or is that an immitation brand?

MYR 699 ~= USD 200.

Update: An anonymous commenter pointed to a page in CSL's own website regarding the phone. Price stated there is apparently cheaper, MYR499 ~= USD145

While the name is a straight copying of HTC Magic's original name, the product looks interesting. No info could be found at their website, probably they didn't realize where the people who looks for Android phones hang around at. Check it out here (page in Malay)

Perhaps this is the first arrival of affordable lines of Android phones.

Anybody know more info about it?



* Dual SIM support
* 240x400 resolution screen
* GSM 900/1800
* Size: 113x56x23mm
* Weight: 120g
* Standby time: 120hrs+
* On-Call time: 2.5hrs
* Camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth
* (optional) Islamic features : Al-Quran, Athan, Digital Compass

And the usual Android software features I guess

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