Lolifox - Firefox for anime lovers

Yeah2, i know, the name sounds kindof erotic. But well, its their rights to put that name isn't it?. I got to know about this browser from a post at our new UTP-OSS Google Group so i decided to try it.

A visit to lolifox's site is a little bit of a disappointment. There are no screenies .. me wanna see screenies .. haha .. frankly, screenshot is one of the most effective way to bring people to use gui based apps .. Also, there a very little information about what are the uniqueness of this firefox fork/mod besides having some large collections of anime bookmarks and a modified interface for ftp/gopher browsing..

I downloaded the linux version of the browser to give it a try, there are no rpm/dep packages, the binaries is only compressed in a tarball - like hows firefox is packaged. Okay, this is a small matter, its not going to become a system's web browser anyway.

These are the screenshots from my first run of the browser. Nothing much impressive, it looks 90% like the vanilla firefox2.0. The most notable change is the ftp/gopher interface and the preview when you pointed at the tab ( i think this is just an extension that being coded into the browser directly )

IMHO, unless you want that good looking ftp/gopher interface , I think this mod can still be achieved by using the vanilla firefox browser. However, it is still too early to judge it, because currently its only version 0.3 . Perhaps in the future it will improve. I'll be looking forward for more improvement by the team. Until then, I'll stick with my current sleek FF2.


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