Update on Compiz Fusion repository 20070630git

The repository have been updated to 20070630git packages

Several changes in the RPM Packaging

the metapackage that will pull all compiz bits is now known as compiz-all. compiz-core is renamed back to compiz.

compiz-* packages no longer pulls compizconfig-settings-manager. compiz-gnome no longer pulls emerald. (Trying to make basic installation simple). You can yum them separately

Desktop-effects menu is back!. But launching compiz automatically during login is still broken,

compiz-icon was replaced by fusion-icon and its now working properly.


Anonymous said…
Hi!!your work is great!!
I'm a F7 user and I have this problem...
fusion-icon doesn't show me the icon!!
that icon is horrible!!
I tried to create a new 22x22 icon and place it in the icon theme folder, but nothing happened!
Is this a common issue?
what can I do?
Anonymous said…
ok..I resolved installing the last version...
Anonymous said…
launching compiz automatically during login is still broken

you always can add 'compiz ccp' to gnome autostart programs ('sessions').
Unknown said…

well .. thats a hack :)

what i mean by 'automatically start during login' is actually doing it properly in /usr/bin/gnome-wm ... which will, of course, require some changes in gnome-wm's code and agreement from its maintainer .. (thus, it wont happens until these packages actually made it into rawhide)
Anonymous said…
Hello! I really appreciate all the work you have put into your repository, makes things a lot easier. I am having a little problem though. When trying to update fusion icon using yum it tells me that it cannot resolve the dependency "libfusionicon", which should be in /usr/share/fusion-icon, but for some reason that directory does not exist, nor does "libsusionicon". Do you have any idea as to what I should do?
Anonymous said…
where can i download this packages

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