A busy 2 weeks


new semester have started .. timetable clashes everywhere ... had to drop and add different set of subjects .. *sigh

..... and lectures have started giving project works on the first week .. (0.o)

heck ... i want to get back to doing geekstuff and start back watching anime~ .. (T_T)

compiz-fusion packages will be updated after my timetable issue and related stuff have been resolved ..

i'm planning to create a package for community plugins which are not in compiz-fusion-plugins-{main,extra} .. dear lazywebs .. any suggestions of plugins?


Anonymous said…
I like the new "shift" plugin with the "Flip3D" and "Cover" options. Seems stable enough and works well for me (on F7).

Anonymous said…
hehehe.. kata student, biasa r tu :p
Anonymous said…
please include the new "paper airplane" effect for closing windows!
Anonymous said…
I have installed the shift and snow plugins in addition to your packages. I would suggest adding both of these to the packages. Also, I heard the 3D windows plugin is back. How about that one. And Noskills suggestion of flip 3D would be great as well. How about all of the 4!
Anonymous said…
No need to bother with the "Shift" (with Flip3D and Cover) plugin... It's been moved to "plugins-main" - so should be part of the plugins for Compiz-Fusion by default now ;)

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