Compiz-Fusion just released official tarballs

I just noticed something a few minutes ago ..

Compiz Fusion have released their official tarballs!!!!

This is nice ... guess i'll skip doing homeworks for today and tomorrow ... wanna package this thing ... homeworks can wait .. :P

With the release of official tarballs for compiz fusion, i hope i can get it properly submitted into fedora .. (the git packages changes too much.. .thus makes me not confident to send them for review) ..

Off I go ... ~~


Anonymous said…
Sweet. I anxiously await the new packages!

Don't flunk out of school for it, though, haha.
Anonymous said…
Well I think I've just installed your new packages (compiz.i386 0:0.5.2-0.1.fc7).

Are you going to update your existing or write a new "how to use compiz fusion" type post?

So far it's all working really well, just going to log out and back in again for the final test ;o)
Unknown said…
@ anonymous

yup ... the i386 packages are up @ the testing repo ...

i havent put them in the main repo coz theres some issues with it .. namely, rpath problem with srpm on 64bit system ..
Anonymous said…
Yup, I'm using your testing repo :o)

So far pretty good, my only issue is that the auto start mechanism doesn't seem to be working.

So each time I log in, I need to disable and then re-enable desktop effects.
Anonymous said…
Well after some fairly intensive testing, I'm a lot more impressed with the stability of compiz-fusion now.

The only bug that I can see is that while compiz-fusion auto starts (by adding fusion-icon to the session) it doesn't seem to 100% remember the window decorator settings.

When I log in, the display looks like it's using GTK, but with desktop effects, however the compiz-fusion icon settings show Emerald. If i go into it and select GTK and then back to Emerald then Emerald is correctly applied and the environment is fine again until I log out.


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