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Reducing Blogspot feed size

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Jan 11, 2008 · 1 min read
Reducing Blogspot feed size
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By default blogspot shows 20 posts for the blog feed, however, this might not be desirable to some people (eg: those who are aggregated on Planets and hated when a minor edit to an old post causes the post to be bumped to the top of the Planet). Gladly that Blogspot feed URL have an optional feature to reduce the returned post quantity on the feed, though its not displayed in the default blogger.com dashboard.

The trick is easy, just add ?max-results=<number> to the end of the blogspot feed URL. For example


p/s: dont bother opening that url, as you'll be redirected to my feedburner feed, but hey, you got the idea right?

Ref: Feedburner Forums , Topic 18650
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