Spinning a minimal Fedora LiveCD

I've been spending today trying to spin a minimal Fedora liveCD as a base for spinning various of other custom spins for easing future stuff, and for fun. The package list was based on Ubuntu-Minimal metapackage dependencies (of course, with some modification) and I'm using Revisor 2.0.5-15.fc8 for building the CD from a kickstart file.

The build went smoothly, however, it seems like I missed some dependency or something. When the liveCD boots, it complained during startup:

WARNING: Requested /sbin/init binary does not exist on rootfs

Dropping to a shell. Good luck!

bash: no job control in this shell

I have sysvinit in the kickstart and checking in the image file (after mounted them) /sysroot/squashfs.img/os.img/sbin/init is there.

Anybody know what dependency I might be missing here?? I'm going to checkout the rescue CD afterward to figure it out, but would appreciate some help if someone have solved this problem before.

After this one is working, I'm going to spin one based on freebsd 6.2 package selection ;)

Edit: I forgot to point to the kickstart file : http://pastebin.ca/879232


Anonymous said…
Sorry I don't have an answer for you. But if you find the solution can you please blog about it. I'm interested in creating a minimal Fedora 8 live CD and this kind of info is quite helpful.
Khairil said…
You mean FreeBSD base applications? bind9, sshd, openssl, sendmail etc. are not ports in FreeBSD but actually part of the system build. You can't actually remove them as packages other than commenting system make file and saying don't build X when building world.
Unknown said…



yeah .. some sort like a dupe of freebsd minimal installation, but using GNU tools and Linux.

I've already extracted most of the package list (at least for the stuff in the bindirs) using some RPM trick ;)
Anonymous said…
This seems to be what is going on with Revisor there are quite a few email on the Revisor list and they are looking into it. I thought it was sysvinit as well but turns out that doesn't work.
Hopefully a fix appears soon.
J5 said…
I'm guessing something is not writting out the correct static devices to /dev. This is usually the issue when errors like you are seeing. I noticed when I tried to run your kickstart file against devel it was missing udev-static but f-8 worked fine from there.
kanarip said…
Please report upstream, I don't have time to crawl the web in search for bug reports

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