I should slow down myself sometimes

Me, being myself, had just noticed from Max Spevack's post about FUDCon video, that torrents.fp.o have a collection of FUDCon videos from previous conferences.

It's a habit of mine, where I would usually simply skip through stuff when I'm looking for something specific on a page (I love ctrl+f). I've dropped by at torrents.fp.o several times last year, grabbed the ISO torrent, and left without looking at anything. I didn't notice the Boston FUDCon vids torrent are at the bottom of the page.

Deluge fired up, leeching away~!!

(I don't have chance (and money) to goto the conferences, hope I'll get something useful out of these)


Anonymous said…
if you love ctrl+f than you will crave for / and F3. try it out: no fingerbreaking and found links can be visited by pressing enter. Isn't tha neet ^_^

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