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Tunnel.UTPchat.Net is now back operational for Jan2008 semester

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Jan 30, 2008 · 1 min read
Tunnel.UTPchat.Net is now back operational for Jan2008 semester
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Its official now, the external server of UTPChat LAN IRC network is now back operational. Those who are not within UTP can now access UTPChat through it. It will be serving until the next UTP semester break. You can connect to the server by using this command on ur IRC client

/server tunnel.utpchat.net

This server is located at my home, so, please do not expect high stability from it. Especially on the UTP-network<->tunnel.utpchat.net link. As y'all might have known , UTP network and internet connection sucks. :P

Anyway, enjoy~

Edit: btw, if you are experiencing connection problems on port 6667, try 6668 or 6669. Somehow whenever 10 people connected , the others will get tcp connection refused. I'm guessing this is either something wrong with my router, or its our "beloved" TMNET have done something fishy on upstream routers/squids.
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