Changing the default Display Manager

I little discovery I found out a few days ago through /etc/X11/prefdm, but forgot to blog it. The default display manager in Fedora GNOME is GDM. But sometimes, you might want to switch to a different display manager such as KDM or XDM. One way of doing it is through removing the other DMs and only leave one DM intact. But thats ugly!.

Theres an easy way to do it, which is through /etc/sysconfig/desktop. Create it if its not yet exist and add this line.


Valid values are:



Unknown said…
Here's the contents of my /etc/sysconfig/desktop:


So, not only does your DM default to KDM, but on a system with both KDE and GNOME loaded, new users are created with a KDE skeleton home directory as default :-)
Irwan said…
Arrr, where is Entrance?

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