Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Alpha

Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Alpha is out for developers, early adopters, and those who can't stand to wait.



* Support for resizing ext2,ext3 and NTFS partitions during installation
* Support for creating and installing to encrypted filesystems
* Faster and more efficient yum dependency resolver
* PackageKit
* FreeIPA, an integrated solution combining Linux, Fedora Directory Server, FreeRADIUS, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS and providing web and commandline provisioning and administration tools.
* GNOME 2.21 Development Release
* KDE 4.0
* Firefox 3 'Minefield' (nightly builds)
* Kernel 2.6.24
* ... And Many More~ ...

Rel notes:

Test status are being tracked here :


Anonymous said…
FreeIPA seems to be the greatest open source project of 2008. Seriously. AT LAST something that can match Active Directory at least partially. Group policies are missing but you can get the general centralized authentication stuff working already without unfruitful hours of work like previously. This is one of the projects that will REALLY make the difference for Linux adoption!

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