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Zenoss on Fedora 8

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Feb 05, 2008 · 1 min read
Zenoss on Fedora 8
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I've wasted 1.5 day trying to get zenoss from their RPM to run on my F8 laptop using compat-python24 from livna. I've tried lots of ways like recompiling, export PYTHON and PYTHONPATH env variables etc but without much luck. I solved it just now after looking into the python files and noticed that they are all hardcoded with /usr/bin/python instead of /usr/bin/env python. There are even some that uses /opt/zenoss/bin/python. Here's my little hackfix to make zenoss starts cleanly.

Before running this, I recommend existing zenoss install to be removed, rm -rf /opt/zenoss, and reinstall it clean.



find . -type f -exec sed -i "s|/usr/bin/python|${ZENOSS_DIR}/bin/python|g" '{}' ';'

cd $ZENOSS_DIR/bin
rm python
ln -s $PYTHON python

A little description about the above script. It simply change all /usr/bin/python to /opt/zenoss/bin/python and replace the symlink /opt/zenoss/bin/python to point to /usr/bin/python2.4

Now Zenoss can be started using /sbin/service zenoss start.

Happy that I have a test instance now, time to figure out how to install it on freebsd qemu. >.<
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