Flood at Puchong Indah

Around 4:30pm this afternoon (Sat, Feb 02, GMT+8), my area got flooded. It was only a less than 2 hours rain and yet the water level raised up to knee level at the roadside of my side of the neighborhood. It might be caused by the monsoon drain was stuck due to irresponsible people thrown trashes into it. My family has been living here for more than 10 years and this is the 3rd time this place got flooded, and the first time it reaches to knee level at the road and barely entered my house. The rain stopped around 6pm and it took around 30 minutes before it complete drained.

Glad that it only barely reach the inside of my house. But my neighbors who are at a lower grounds , had quite a lot of belongings damaged/destroyed. My condolence to them.


Considering Malaysian general election is coming near, guess its a good point to do some blackmailing to the local politician. Somebody need to clean up the monsoon drain or this will happen again, maybe worse than this.


<~!@#> said…
cheer up mate! at least it's just the ground floor area that are affected. First time ka banjir?
Anonymous said…
I am the resident of Taman Mutiara Puchong, i stayed here for only 9 months and yet i am thrilled by 2 times Flood. The 1st time was at Hari Raya, and now 2nd time at CNY. The developer said this is not their responsibility but they will 'try' to solve it and yet this tragedy happened again. What should we do now? still we have to complaint and bring up the problem to developer, local authority and whatever people that can help...... whether we made the wrong choice to purchase this property or by all means, this is the way 'Malaysian' works, we have to accept it as 'facts'! Let us work hard to get a better living for our future, 'complaint, complaint and complaint'!!!
Unknown said…
the 2nd time here in Puchong Indah was during Hari Raya too, but not as bad as this.

the best way to think of right now is to force somebody to clean up the monsoon drain, we are at low ground, and the monsoon drain which controls the water flow.

I (partly) agree that its not the developer fault, as they have created a good drain system which have been working for more a decade. Those responsible (imo) here are those who caused the drains to be clogged, make it the developers, or the local residents.

Whats bad is how malaysian do work. Malaysians -> throw rubbish into the drain -> the drain clogged -> flood -> try to blame on others -> thats what bad!. Those to be blamed are not the developers, but we ourself.

Complaint doesnt get us anywhere, time do to work!. Complaining will only get us into a pathetic infinite loop. >.<

For a start, maybe try to get some help from MPSJ or some organization to help provide facilities and tools, then , the residents should gather and use those to clean up all those stupid mess at the monsoon drain and river. Force all residents to help.

Governments and developers can only provide help, but we who are supposed to take care of our own neighborhood.
faizal said…
banjir 2 pasal x ada org on duty kat sg klang time hujan lebat hari 2. lagipun bukan banjir sampai x surut2 kan. kl pun sistem perparitan canggih pun tetap blh banjir kalau hujan dah terlalu lebat. think positive. sbb kalau kita burukan tmpt tggl kita sndri, in future kita nk jual rumah ni blk pun susah. anyway i like this area bcause dekat dgn facilities n wifi signal pun ada...
Anonymous said…
sjak ble bnjir ?
saya da tinggal 15 taon kt puchong indah ni ? tarikh die bile?
gtaw plizz!!
Unknown said…

did you ever read the blog post? .. its stated in the first sentence, 2nd February .. and the post was posted on 2008

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