F9 Leaked ISOs ?

meng in #fedora-my pointed me that there are several torrents which claims to be Fedora9 "Sulphur" Final ISO in several torrent sites. While I don't know how legit they are - and didn't bother to download since I've been on F9 since alpha, but here is a little warning for those who couldn't be patience and wait for official release.

Until the official SHA1/MD5 sums for those ISO is officially released in FedoraProject.Org, its validity and security is doubted. It is possible for some people with malicious intent to inject a rootkit into that ISO, and make themselves able to take over your computer and data. It is not that hard to spin a rootkit'ed ISO considering revisor and friends are rather easy to use. If I remember correctly, it have happened before with a Fedora release and was mentioned somewhere.

You have been warned, so, if you still couldn't wait for 3 days more, go ahead and search for the torrents and have fun cleaning up stuff if you got rootkit'ed (^-^).


Anonymous said…
The thing is, a few mirrors was not locked so people have been able to download Fedora 9 for days now if they wanted, including the official SHA1SUMS from a couple of mirrors in Asia, Canada (I downloaded the LiveCDs from there) and other places. People are likely just reposting the images. Not saying people shouldn't be careful, but it is possible to find Fedora 9 Final if you look around.
Anonymous said…
Rejoice, Fedora is such great technology people are willing to sit through slow underseeded bittorrent downloads just to get it a few days early. And they do this consistently with every release we make.

Our release are so great people simply can't wait to get their hands on them.
Unknown said…

yeah, mirror leaks happens, thus thats why I wont say "Don't take!", I only say, "if ure brave, take!" .


yeah!! ^-^ or another option - revisor magic! ( ure not the one who leak those torrents are u? :P )
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the info! Just found a official mirror which is open and just downloading it before everyone wants it :-)

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