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Git and FedoraPeople.org

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Jun 24, 2008 · 1 min read
Git and FedoraPeople.org
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I just started learning to use git a few days ago. Mainly because of the convenient of being able to host a git repository on a dumb http server, and ability to local commit.

However, I had a minor problem pushing a git repository to my fedorapeople.org account through ssh push. "Permission denied when executing post-update hook". Asking at #fedora-admin got me this answer - "home folders are mounted noexec", now, thats explains. Nonetheless, a minor hack by replacing the post-update script with a symlink to git-update-server-info seems to get around it.

Surprisingly, when I woke up today, I saw Jeremy Katz's post : More git support for fedorapeople. FedoraPeople now have a functional GitWeb and gitserve! - eventhough its beta and might go away, still, thanks a lot Jeremy!!.

P/S: OneClickInstall is a misleading name, renamed my python parser for OneClickInstall metadata from yum-oneclickinstall to Chitin (Dead insects trapped in Amber might leave some trace of Chitin after its organic structure disappeared - source). With this new git support in fedorapeople, I moved the code from my play-around-googlecode-svn to this shiny new home at fedorapeople gitweb. Checkout using :

git clone git://fedorapeople.org/~izhar/chitin.git
# or
git clone http://izhar.fedorapeople.org/git/chitin.git
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