Printed new cards

I've been using the old Fedora card until a few weeks ago. Now that they are done, finally, I print this new design :D.

This tool is neat

yum install fedora-business-cards
fedora-business-cards --pdf

(yup, my phone camera sucks)


alifazman said…
how to print out the business card??
Unknown said…
is that a trick question?

bring the design to a print shop and tell them to print.

btw, you must be an official fedora contributor before allowed to use the bizcard.
alifazman said… la,I mean the card edited from terminal,so how can we display it on PDF,or PNG.since I use the --PDF option it just display
--completed.Hmm so i'm wondering where was the pdf
alifazman said…
Ok...I got it already..;)
alifazman said…
oh no..It happen again.Brother Izhar.I need help,after export the PDF version,where is the file located??huhu

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