Fedora 14 Release Party KL

Date: 6th November 2010 (Saturday)
Location: Inigo Consulting Sdn Bhd, B-06-08, Subang Empire SOHO
Time: 14:00-18:00

What we'll be having there (tentative):

  • Some noms :P (obviously)
  • A Fedora local mirror for anybody who want fast download when installing/upgrading their Fedora to F14
  • Discussion/planning session on how to kickstart the stalled local community (yep I know most of us are quite busy recently)
  • Games? (bzflag? or any games even, card games such as Monopoly Deal are fun too, you decide ^.^)

And probably any random stuff we might came up during that period XD

For more info, ping the Fedora Malaysia mailing list at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/malaysian-users

Contact (Inigo's Office): 03-56111013


Adriano Duarte said…
Is your Genius Tablet working fine in Fedora 14?

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