New blog design

Ok i got bored with the old theme.

Changed to a new one. This time, its relatively mobile-friendly, mainly utilizes CSS classes from JQuery UI Theming API

Do notify me if found any CSS bugs, thanks


Unknown said…
cool bro! mobile friendly indeed as now telco is really "enhancing" their business with this data, usage and bandwidth stuffs which make subscribers more "headache" in selecting their suitable plan. for one who simply don't care, great revenue for them indeed. hehehehe.
Unknown said…
i'm not quite sure what ure trying to imply there ..

what i mean by 'mobile friendly' is that if you scale this blog resolution down, the blog still quite usable
Unknown said…
Ooo I see, sorry I'm a really newbie in this blogging n web programming, but if u say about scaling the blog resolution, does it means it can fit better for mobile browser/ intended for small scale browser...? Anyway thx for ur reply. N hava a nice party on this saturday, really hope to meet you all there.
Unknown said…
yeap .. fits better on a small scale browser .. at least in my phone it looks better and comfortable to browse compared to the old design

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