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Fedora repository mirroring script using reposync

I'm back~ :DAs my first post of this holidays .. I give y'all the script i've been using to mirror and sync the fedora repos. The script is using reposync,repomanage (both provided by...

In old blog, Jun 09, 2007

GPG Encrypt/Sign Texts in Firefox using FireGPG

Carthik Sharma pointed out a new Firefox extension called FireGPG in his blog post.Just what I'm looking for! :DSite URL: is a Firefox extension w...

In old blog, Apr 05, 2007

Fedora Daily Package

Chris Tyler just announced a blog for a daily review of Fedora packages from the default repositories. Some sort like Debian package of the day

In old blog, Apr 02, 2007

Mplayer, MP3, Audacity, Kmod-NVidia is in Extras!!! :P Packages built and released for Fedora Extras 6: 35 NEW audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3-1.2.5-2.fc6 ...

In old blog, Apr 01, 2007

Synchronizing Sony Ericsson K320i Calendar with Evolution Calendar

Sorry for the long absence, I'm quite busy with my studies and project works .. well its that time of the semester again .. *sighAs promised , here is a simple howto for synchronizing...

In old blog, Mar 31, 2007

SonyEricsson k320i

I just got myself a sony Ericsson k320i last sunday. My old phone was seriously out-of-shape and I think its time for me to change it.With a price tag of RM438, heres what I got- Blue...

In old blog, Mar 20, 2007

Mugshot : A Social Network For FOSS User

Fedora users might have heard about it, but not other FOSS users. I think I'm going to help them with some promotion :DHeres the link to Mugshot Website.Mugshot makes it easy to show ...

In old blog, Mar 10, 2007

Sun Tech Days : University World Tour

My Object Oriented Programming class had a field trip to Sun Tech Day's University World Tour yesterday. It was quite fun for me (considering its free + got a lot of freebies + a free...

In old blog, Mar 09, 2007

Just created a Fedora Account

I just created an account in FedoraProject today ... Still thinking on what group to join for contributions ... Anybody want to give suggestion?- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Mar 06, 2007

What do I see in the Fedora LiveCD-Creator project

I have been playing around with livecd-creator for a while now. And these are some possibilities that I can see from the project + the custom distro project.Flexibility in creating cu...

In old blog, Mar 02, 2007