All Stories : Open Web Templates for your website!

I found something interesting from StumbleUpon yesterday. An OpenSource website template community!!The Open Design Community (TODC) is a group of Open Source Website Designers provid...

In old blog, Jan 18, 2007

Amano Hikaru - Thats me~!

While watching Death Note ep13 (thanks Animanda!) I realized that I can translate my name to Japanese name. Got the idea from Yagami Light's name. The word Light in his name is spelle...

In old blog, Jan 17, 2007

HOWTO: Extracting RPM from command line

Sometimes, admins might want to extract some files from a RPM file for some purposes. If on a system with GUI, this can be easily done using file-roller or some other GUI based archiv...

In old blog, Jan 17, 2007

HOWTO: Removing Firefox Menu Toolbar

Yet-another-shrinking-your-UI guide lol~..Lets go straight to the point. First, to those you a newbie in editing userChrome.css, locate the file using this guide.Then, just add these ...

In old blog, Jan 15, 2007

Death Note got licensed in the US

Read It HereI was wondering why it took so long for ep 13 of Death Note, so I googled and found out the news. Dammit, the US licensed the anime but us in non-US countries who suffered...

In old blog, Jan 13, 2007

HOWTO: Making Firefox toolbar and tabs smaller

People with low resolution screens might want to make stuff smaller to save space. Below is a guide to shrink the Firefox toolbar .Switching to small iconsFirst we need to use small i...

In old blog, Jan 13, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back from JB .. It was a great trip .. learned some new stuff and met some new and old friends .. Trying to find some ideas on what to write next ..- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jan 12, 2007

Away for few days

I'll be away for a few days starting tomorrow. I'm going to Johor Bahru to train Ninjutsu with Bujinkan Dojo JB. (Havent go there this semester yet). Need to stretch back these rusty ...

In old blog, Jan 06, 2007

There will be no more Fedora Core!!!!

Yup, you didn't read it wrong. Fedora Core will cease to exist, and so do Fedora Extras. Why?. Its because they will be merged together to form a distro what will only be called as - ...

In old blog, Jan 06, 2007

HOWTO: Creating your own YUM RPM repository

YUM is the default package manager provided with most RPM distros, especially Fedora and Redhat based distros. It is similar to APT of the Debian based distros. Admittedly, it is not ...

In old blog, Jan 06, 2007