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UTP Free / Open Source Lab installation done

Today i woke up early to go to the lab. My other subject's lab classes wont be starting until next week, so i have some time in the morning to play around with the FOSS lab.My first p...

In old blog, Jul 31, 2006

Missing in Fedora's Menu: hal-device-manager

At the UTP opensource lab i noticed theres a utility in ubuntu that shows all devices in a very informative way (at least for me), the hal-device-manager. After playing around with it...

In old blog, Jul 28, 2006

The first day at UTP-OpenSource Lab

Today is the first day of the semester in UTP. And i got a chance to go and help setting up systems at the UTP-OpenSource Lab. A postgrad student is the one in charge of the lab.He sh...

In old blog, Jul 24, 2006

Tiring 2 days at UTP

i came back to utp yesterday, and to my surprise the room i registered got somebody else staying in it. Due to that, i had to go through quite a hassle trying to get a new room to sta...

In old blog, Jul 23, 2006

Connect Googletalk to other IM's using Jabber Transports

I found this nice article while playing around with Gajim to connect to my googletalk account using port 443

In old blog, Jul 21, 2006

Finding What Process is Binding Network Socket / Port

I found a very usefull site for this purpose. It guide you step by step on how to find the process. the site, I wrote a script to eas...

In old blog, Jul 21, 2006

Popping gnome-run from script

I wanted to create a .desktop file to pop gnome-run and put it at the gnome-menu ( the new gnome-menu doesnt have it ) - simply because the reason that new GNOME users might not know ...

In old blog, Jul 21, 2006

Some tweaks for increasing Firefox's application performance

This might be an oldie, i know that there are quite a number of sites have given similar tips. But their tips brings more latency to my firefox instead of improving it. So, i played a...

In old blog, Jul 20, 2006 - Owned by Firefox

Try visiting'll see a big firefox logo .. ;D neat~- Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jul 20, 2006

Integrate meebo with firefox using Meebo sidebar by tones

A great extension for integrating Meebo with firefox so that you can save time searching through tabs/windows for your Meebo Izhar Firdaus -

In old blog, Jul 19, 2006