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Tracking email conversation in OpenERP Issue tracker.

So in Inigo we're trying to see whether we can use OpenERP for our support system. However, the email integration sucks, to the point that I had to hack it.Hooking up email fetching t...

In old blog, Sep 25, 2011

Fedora Activity Day KL 2011 is happening on 10th September 2011!! : Registration opens now!

Just how long since I last post here? .. anyway I'm back!!!Event DetailsLocation : UCTI/APIITDate: 10th September 2011Time: 0900-1800Web URL :

In old blog, Aug 15, 2011

Pidgin and GNOME3

GNOME3 comes with Telepathy/Empathy integration. However, I'm mainly a Pidgin user because Telepathy/Empathy lacks of per-account proxy settings. I always force my IMs to go through a...

In old blog, Apr 12, 2011

Few days with GNOME3

So I've been on GNOME3 for a few days now. Liking it a lot except for the minor annoyance I mentioned back in my previous post.I've got over the lack of blinking taskbar functionality...

In old blog, Apr 04, 2011

Fedora 15 & GNOME3, initial impression

So I upgraded my machine to Fedora 15 last night using preupgrade, and spent hours in trying to clean up my /home from ancient stuff since way back to Fedora 5 as they were causing we...

In old blog, Mar 31, 2011

The problem with time and age of universe (or age of anything celestial)

(ok this is quite a random post, but something that have been on my mind for quite some time)As we all already know from Einstein theory of relativity, time, is relative to gravity an...

In old blog, Mar 19, 2011


Something I came up in during the small FAD we had in .MY last week.Yum's fastestmirror plugin is kindof broken by design, because the plugin's definition of 'fastest' means shortest ...

In old blog, Dec 09, 2010

Fedora 14 Released!!!!!

Read the release announcementGrab your release using direct download here: torrents here : To Malaysian Fe...

In old blog, Nov 03, 2010

Hooking zope.component to any python project

Zope Component Architecture is a set of libraries used for aiding in writing component based applications using python. It provides some useful libraries to handle common patterns suc...

In old blog, Nov 02, 2010

New blog design

Ok i got bored with the old theme.Changed to a new one. This time, its relatively mobile-friendly, mainly utilizes CSS classes from JQuery UI Theming APIDo notify me if found any CSS ...

In old blog, Oct 31, 2010