Getting Shrinkable Tabs with Epiphany

One of my grudge against Epiphany is that its tabs goes off-screen when I open lots of tabs and I need to scroll through the tabs to find the tab I wish to switch to. This gets really annoying when I have like a dozen or more of opened tabs.

Googling around, and I was pointed to this epiphany extension from Epiphany 3rd Party Extensions page : Only One Close Button.

From the description:

Only One Close Button

Author: Stefan Stuhr

This extension has several purposes. The first is to get rid of the close buttons on all tabs. The second is to make the tab width more flexible; instead of a fixed width they will scale, so that there will first be overflow with many tabs open. The third is to make a close button available as a toolbar button.

The name might not tell me that is what I want, but the description do. So, I grabbed it, and here goes:

The close button had to be added manually using "Customize Toolbar", and because the Extension purpose is to make theres Only One Close Button, I couldn't get the close button to appear on each tabs like how Firefox handle it. Anyway, having all tabs appear on the same page have much more value than the close button.

Some side stuff,

I have been using Firefox3 for quite a while now. It is promised that FF3 will have better memory management. During the alpha, memory consumption does looks reduced, but lately, it got back like how it was during FF2. With constant 200-300MB of consumed swap and physical RAM maxed out, it gets annoying sometimes (I keep monitoring the RAM/Swap utilization using the gnome-system-monitor panel applet). Closing firefox frees my RAM from 150% to 80% utilization. So, I'm back to my old habit of cycling between epiphany and ff depending on my needs. But firefox still maintain as my primary browser because of the flexibility of the tabs. Now that Epiphany tabs are "better", I guess I can switch Epiphany as my primary browser, and FF and secondary. Midori browser is good too as another backup browser, but lately its been crashing when I start it (and the tabs follow the default Epiphany tabs).


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