Anxiety strikes

Sulphur release is getting very near. With all the improvements on F9, somehow, it made me very anxious imagining how RHEL6/CentOS6 would be. With all the improvements Fedora have brought in since Fedora 6, I can only imagine that RHEL6/CentOS6 would be a great distro to recommend for people who don't want to upgrade their distro every half or full year.

With all the device support, the EPEL repository, the giant improvements on yum, PackageKit, FreeIPA, new Xorg, and lots of goodness of a desktop distro, if all these made it into RHEL6/CentOS6, I am nothing but very happy and excited.

RH is abandoning the desktop?. So what?. They let the desktop world move on its own, freely, and Fedora _is_ that desktop. What got in Fedora, got into RHEL too. With CentOS set loose on the internet, high quality Free (both philosophy and price) environment is not that far away from reach. ^-^.


Anonymous said…
I don't think Red Hat is abandoning the desktop at all. They have just decided not to offer a desktop distribution for what I'd call 'regular consumers'. They are and they will keep working in the enterprise desktop market.
Unknown said…

Aint to "users", "desktops" are what they use @ home. ;)

Anyway, i agree on what u said.

But even if RH do abandon all desktop market, Fedora is here for that market anyway. Handling "user" problems is hard, costly and less profitable (thats one of the reason why IBM sell their PC department to lenovo), so I have no problem RH saying they are not interested in that market, its a tiring to support market anyway .. :)

my personal preference, i would use centos for enterprise desktops and use the RHEL subscriptions to serve a better purpose on more crucial systems.

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